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Hong Kong protesters

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Why the main stream media like bbc, sky news, cnn are obsessed with the Hong Kong protesters. 

(1) Because they are banned from broadcast their leberal ideas to the Chinese in main land, the big market.

(2) Because there are no more Brexit scaring and negatives news.

(3) They run out of real news and support for their fake second referendum.
Owner: Wallace
Created on: 12 Aug 2019, 18:40
Last updated on: 12 Aug 2019, 19:04
1850 view(s), 1428429 impression(s)

Comments and more

Shame on NBA, NBA apologies to the Chinese government over Hong Kong twit, it shows how western companies and institutions are obsessed with the so called Chinese big market. business profits trampled human rights. NBA don't believe in human rights but big market.
Owner: Lisa
Created on: 7 Oct 2019, 20:21
Last updated on: 7 Oct 2019, 20:21
Is a shame though, that 1.2 billions people are locked away in mainland, they don't even know what is happening 50 miles away from their front door.
Owner: Errol
Created on: 1 Oct 2019, 19:29
Last updated on: 1 Oct 2019, 19:29
Who care about what china ambassador to UK says.  Is not going to be broadcast in china, he should speak to the Chinese in mainland.

The journalists that attended his conference can only be described as fake journalists because they will never ask the right questions . Just write than what he said and repeat it for a week in every channels. 
Owner: Larry
Created on: 15 Aug 2019, 17:20
Last updated on: 15 Aug 2019, 17:20

They are obsess with the protester because they can't show it in China main land with population of 1billion plus.

For example, If the chines government massacre all the protester, The west will still do business with the Chines government.

Owner: Lana
Created on: 14 Aug 2019, 20:38
Last updated on: 14 Aug 2019, 20:38
Hong Kong belong to china, a communist state. they have just elected one man to rules for life there for I share no tears for Chinese.  

Western leaders and media should keep their mouth shut because they created china by moving all manufacturing job to China for a bow of rice per hour ,   and they call it the big market without regards for human rights. 

Let the Hong Kong Chinese pay for their support of communism.
Owner: Cyril
Created on: 13 Aug 2019, 17:39
Last updated on: 13 Aug 2019, 17:52
What's up dude, you mean to clap your hands because the Chinese are fighting their selves.

Ha ha Givenchy can't apologise enough to the Chinese government for supporting the protesters with their new t shirt.  lol, big market before the Hong Kong people.
Owner: Foxy
Created on: 12 Aug 2019, 22:33
Last updated on: 12 Aug 2019, 22:33

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