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Jon Stewart on journalists

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Well said Jon, The mainstream journalists can only be describes as zoobies. They takes every bates president Trump throw at them and make him star just like UK government making a failed politician Michel Barnier a star.

CNN and other mainstream journalists should stop using the president name and stop attending white house conferences and rallies.

Owner: Trevor
Created on: 31 Oct 2018, 18:03
Last updated on: 31 Oct 2018, 18:03
12067 view(s), 2654259 impression(s)

Comments and more

Trump can boycott the fake journalists but the fake journalists can't boycott him. They chase him around with stupid questions even though 99% of his answers are lies.
Owner: Thelma
Created on: 28 Apr 2019, 12:40
Last updated on: 28 Apr 2019, 12:40

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