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Put up or shut up Trump

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US and President Trump, Put up or shut up. The United states should stop making noises about north Korea nuclear programme. If the CIA look properly they will discover that north Korea has been used as a testing ground by it neighbours.

Those countries that refuses to implement the UN sanctions are use North Korea as a bate for the United states. The US should allow South Korea and Japan to develop their own nuclear programme or weapons  that can reach North Korea and it neighbours capital cities. They should carry out nuclear test every week just like North Korea.

North Korea neighbours are responsible for it nuclear programme and they are the only countries that can stop North Korea nuclear programme.

Owner: Willis
Created on: 7 Jul 2017, 14:02
Last updated on: 7 Jul 2017, 14:15
29585 view(s), 6815996 impression(s)

Comments and more

The Japanese government need to start developing nuclear bombs that can reach all Chinese and north Korea cities if they want to stop north Korea nuclear testing madness. 

If not, they will live to regret it. Japanese should stay away from the so call big market  ( China ). Because China is behind north Korea nuclear programme.
Owner: Enzo
Created on: 6 Aug 2019, 17:54
Last updated on: 6 Aug 2019, 17:54
Ha ha, He can't put any pressure on China to implement sanctions because his  government United States is owning china what they can't pay back for another 100 years . This is what happens when a country borrow too much . 23 trillion and is about to go up by borrowing more from China.  Lol
Owner: Max
Created on: 30 Aug 2017, 20:44
Last updated on: 28 Feb 2019, 18:03

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