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Hostile countries

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Why some people travel or visit hostile countries?
There are few known hostile countries around the world. If you travel or visit a known hostile country, Is your responsibility. A US citizen who travel to north korea, travel there because he or she want to be on TV.
Owner: Foxy
Created on: 22 Nov 2016, 18:01
Last updated on: 22 Nov 2018, 18:22
10477 view(s), 14124696 impression(s)

Comments and more

For real Foxy, some are using marriage as an excuse. If you married a woman from a well know hostile country like north korea or iran don't travel there unless you want to be on tv. Is not the government responsibility to rescue stupid travellers.
Owner: Wallace
Created on: 13 Jun 2017, 18:33
Last updated on: 22 Nov 2018, 18:18
Hopefully they will write a book when they come out of prison.  If you are arrested by your country of origin, Your government is not responsible for your wellbeing if you had a dual nationality.
Owner: Edison
Created on: 22 Nov 2018, 18:07
Last updated on: 22 Nov 2018, 18:07

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