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Wenger Out

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Arsenal fans including Piers Morgan are screaming Wenger out after the Carabao cup  3 -0 defeat by Manchester city. The problem with Arsenal fans they don't know who their true hero is and they we never admit that Arsenal is a foreign own business here to make money not trophies. Lol

Owner: Alfie
Created on: 25 Feb 2018, 19:57
Last updated on: 25 Feb 2018, 20:00
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Comments and more

Thierry Henry to replace Wenger as arsenal manager. Arsenal never won champions league cup because of Thierry primary school boy missed. After throwing away the only arsenal chance after sol  goal he went and joined Barcelona to win the champions league cup.  His formal manager was bang on before the game.  He sold him because he missed too many chances.  How can the same player become arsenal fake hero.
Owner: Max
Created on: 2 Mar 2018, 01:59
Last updated on: 2 Mar 2018, 02:02

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