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PSG vs Barcelona

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Champions league result, PSG 4 Barcelona 0

Barcelona has been rip apart by PSG, PSG players are going to Nu camp with the believe that it has not been done before, Barcelona need miracles to over come 4 goal deficit.

See you next season bye bye Barcelona Lol

Owner: Clifford
Created on: 14 Feb 2017, 23:26
Last updated on: 14 Feb 2017, 23:30
25659 view(s), 12198039 impression(s)

Comments and more

Well done PSG, So they are not invisible? lol
Owner: Horace
Created on: 14 Feb 2017, 23:35
Last updated on: 14 Feb 2017, 23:35
Thanks PSG for exposing them not like other clubs that accept defeat before they kick football, Clubs that just want to swap shirts and say I played against Barcelona.
Owner: Zack
Created on: 14 Feb 2017, 23:42
Last updated on: 14 Feb 2017, 23:43

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