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Loan footballers

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Loan footballers should be allow to play against their parent club. Clubs only loan players for two reasons.  1,The player is not good enough  2, Too many players..

Jack Wilshere should have play against his parent club because is an opportunity to prove himself. The F A need to look into the loan players rules.

If Jack Wilshere wages is paid by Bournemouth football club he should be allow to play against any club.

Owner: Augustus
Created on: 4 Dec 2016, 13:18
Last updated on: 23 Dec 2016, 00:42
12898 view(s), 14284286 impression(s)

Comments and more

For real, loan footballers should be allow to play against any team including parent club as long as the player full wages is paid by his or her current club.
Owner: Wallace
Created on: 25 Dec 2016, 12:30
Last updated on: 25 Dec 2016, 12:32

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