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Uk Muslim voters

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Uk Muslim voters, if you believe in humanity do not vote or support Mr keir Starmer and the Labour Party. Your vote doesn't count for Mr keir starmer because you don't finance his party. And don't be a king makers like Africa Americans and their Democrats party. 

Mr keir starmer treatment of Jeremy corbyn should be a warning to all British Muslim, He is the uk Benjamin Netanyahu. He supports settlements and killing of Palestinians. 

Your vote for Labour or Conservative is a waste of time because both parties are hell bend on Palestinians destruction. And remember any criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu brutality and Israel apartheid state is antisemitism. 

There's no free speech under keir starmer Labour Party.  Anyone who criticise Isreal will be force to apologise or be kick out by Mrs Hodge and Mr keir starmer. 
Owner: Karlson
Created on: 25 Oct 2023, 17:58
Last updated on: 25 Oct 2023, 20:01
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