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Abolish the UN

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Should the united nations be abolish?. The UN is a failed corrupted organisations and it should be abolish. Countries should start withdrawing from  the UN and the international criminal court.
Owner: Jamela
Created on: 19 Dec 2016, 17:53
Last updated on: 11 Feb 2020, 17:12
23497 view(s), 13233998 impression(s)

Comments and more

The un need to reform itself by removing all veto power. The veto has not only be used to protects apithite states and dictators it also encourage and promote genocides.
Owner: Wallace
Created on: 19 Dec 2016, 18:09
Last updated on: 24 Dec 2016, 00:19
The US uses the veto to protects apithite states and encourage crime against humanity. The UN security council veto should be abolish because of US.
Owner: Foxy
Created on: 23 Dec 2016, 10:32
Last updated on: 23 Dec 2016, 10:32
The United nations is one of the most corrupted organisation on planet earth. The united nations failed the Syrian people, libya people, and the Palestinian.
The secretary general mr Atonio Gutterres can only be described as a zombie living in fear of the truth. He took the job just for the tax free wages and bonuses.
Owner: Errol
Created on: 24 Sep 2019, 17:52
Last updated on: 24 Sep 2019, 17:56

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