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UK government funding BBC

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According to Elon Musk the BBC is funded by UK government and is biasd. The government passed a law forcing the public to keep it live so it can be use as a propaganda machine. BBC has become a bank too big to fail. The UK government gave the BBC a new power to criminalise any British citizens who refused to pay TV license.

What a waste of money, the British people should be ashamed of themselves for funding BBC. They are funding BBC because isn't good enough to compete with other news media like Sky News or CNN. The BBC have been trying every thing to convince Mr Musk to remove the government fund label and lie about who is funding BBC.

Owner: Leila
Created on: 12 Apr 2023, 17:31
Last updated on: 12 Apr 2023, 20:52
1889 view(s), 3356364 impression(s)

Comments and more

OH my world, is this guy stupid or fake?. Okay,  Joseph biden will appoint your companies chairmen and chairwomen. BBC chairman are appointed by the UK government, not by the proclaimed public.

Elon musk, you need to change their twitter from public funding label back to government funding media and control by the UK government.
Owner: Von
Created on: 13 Apr 2023, 17:53
Last updated on: 13 Apr 2023, 17:57
WOW just another fake guy, BBC has conviced Elon Musk to lie about who is funding UK BBC by changing the government funding label to public funding label, Big SHAME.

Only uneducated British will agree with you dude. BBC don't make laws, Government make laws. The government legislate tv licence law and give BBC the power to criminalise British who refused to pay, There for BBC is funded by the UK government. The government is forcing British people to pay for what they don't watch. 
Owner: Drew
Created on: 12 Apr 2023, 23:07
Last updated on: 13 Apr 2023, 20:54

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