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Rishi sunak

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He want to become UK next prime minister. Just another classic example of a corrupt system. This man was holding a US green card while he was the treasury secretary of United Kingdom and his wife does not pay tax in the UK.

I wonder how many properties his wife bought without tax in the UK? The voters need to wake up.

Owner: Errol
Created on: 12 Jul 2022, 18:16
Last updated on: 12 Jul 2022, 19:45
2442 view(s), 4895883 impression(s)

Comments and more

Uk prime minister sunak boasting of not having working class friends because he went to Oxford.The idea that some British leaves their house to vote for sunak makes me sick. This man is in for the banks, his wife business empire and himself.

I hope the British people will wake up one day. The stupid or fake voters are just perpetuating a rotten system.  they can not give pay rises to our nurses but they can give NHS millions to baroness money to buy a private jet for £7.5 millions.
Owner: Von
Created on: 11 Jan 2023, 18:27
Last updated on: 11 Jan 2023, 18:43
Only in UK,  it shows the corruption within the UK government, the uk  new prime minister wife avoided paying taxes in UK for years, even when he was the treasury secretary of United Kingdom.

How can the British people vote for this man who help his wife to avoid uk taxes for years, buying properties without paying tax to British government is wrong, shame on his supporters and British people.

Only corrupted politicians will support him if possible help him to avoid paying uk taxes.
Owner: Zack
Created on: 24 Oct 2022, 17:37
Last updated on: 24 Oct 2022, 17:56
The British people must be fake to vote for this man,  His wife is a millionaire who refused or have been dodging uk taxes while her husband was the chief treasury secretary of United Kingdom. 

Sunak is the banks agent who will bend law or legislate solely for the banks interest,  he and his wife should be investigated for tax invasion,  the British people want to know how she paid for her numerous properties in the United Kingdom. 
Owner: Lynsey
Created on: 21 Jul 2022, 17:19
Last updated on: 21 Jul 2022, 17:27
Thanks to Skynews, they have asked him about his wife taxes,  the bbc that's paid for by tax payers won't ask him,  the question should be when was the last time your wife paid tax in the UK and did she ever bought a property in the UK without paying the due tax?.

I hope the British people don't elect or vote for a globalist like rishi sunak, he wants to do business with communist China, if possible move all the remaining manufacturing companies to China. 
Owner: Wallace
Created on: 12 Jul 2022, 20:12
Last updated on: 26 Jul 2022, 18:01

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