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Jeff bezos space trip

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Big news for the fake mainstream media like BBC news and CNN. But for the ordinary Americans who paid 14% tax on $70,000 every year is a slap on their faces.

The news should be on jeff bezos tax and corrupted system that protects billionaire from paying tax, talk about broken tax system not a trip to edge of space.

Owner: Evelyn
Created on: 20 Jul 2021, 17:20
Last updated on: 20 Jul 2021, 17:32
1278 view(s), 3519302 impression(s)

Comments and more

The saddest 😢 thing is,  while his wealth is growing every minute without paying tax, 99% Of his workers are growing poorer every minute because of taxes. These are the western values. The rich gets richer while the poor 😢 gets poorer. 
Owner: Leila
Created on: 21 Jul 2021, 18:21
Last updated on: 21 Jul 2021, 18:24
I have been to work today and I earned £160.00, the UK  government will tax me 26.5%  on the £160.00  while billionaires pay nothing on $1 billion dollar and guess what?, politicians are only interested on who leaked the tax information. 
Owner: Larry
Created on: 20 Jul 2021, 17:58
Last updated on: 20 Jul 2021, 17:58
For real, the 1% paid 3.4% tax on $401 billions between 2014 and 2018 while ordering America pay 14% on $70,000 every year.  That's what you call big news not trip to edge of space. 
Owner: Gibson
Created on: 20 Jul 2021, 17:42
Last updated on: 20 Jul 2021, 17:42

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