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lionel messi

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lionel messi

Owner: Jamela
Created on: 6 Jun 2019, 10:27
Last updated on: 6 Jun 2019, 23:46
4107 view(s), 7015117 impression(s)

Comments and more

The FIFA player of the year 2019 is Lionel Messi, What a joke,  this is what president trump call fake award. 

Messi doesn't deserve the award, the man is only good in playing Spanish football, he is not Maradona, Maradona play for clubs and country , while Messi only play for 1 club.
Owner: Larry
Created on: 24 Sep 2019, 22:19
Last updated on: 24 Sep 2019, 22:19
Is a shame though, this guy is only good in Spanish football. You can't be the be best by playing for just one club and one league.
Owner: Von
Created on: 6 Sep 2019, 09:51
Last updated on: 6 Sep 2019, 09:51

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