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Julian Assange arrested

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Western journalists should be ashamed, especially UK and US journalists should be ashamed,

If you can't defend one of your own for reporting on war crime committed by US government. who will defend journalists.

Owner: Lana
Created on: 11 Apr 2019, 16:20
Last updated on: 11 Apr 2019, 16:28
11275 view(s), 20201756 impression(s)

Comments and more

Now will know why the uk and us government wants to get raid of him for reporting on uk and us war crimes,  after their killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents Afghanistans and Iraqis  they are now accusing Russia of war crimes.
Owner: Wallace
Created on: 12 Jul 2022, 17:37
Last updated on: 12 Jul 2022, 17:37
Why do you think president Trump called them fake journalism, Instead of protesting his arrest, they are fighting,pushing for photos they can post on instagram.
Owner: Hariet
Created on: 11 Apr 2019, 17:13
Last updated on: 11 Apr 2019, 17:14

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