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Scotish independence

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The Scotland first minister want another independence referendum because UK vote to leave the EU.

The scots need to take a hard look at her. She is just another politician full of self interest. Is all about power and photos for instagram and twitter.

Owner: Philips
Created on: 25 Jun 2016, 09:27
Last updated on: 25 Jun 2016, 09:28
40524 view(s), 48140836 impression(s)

Comments and more

The voters must be stupid to listing to her. She doesn't believe in democracy. She is only doing it for money, any politicians who didn't accept the referendum results didn't believe in democracy and voters should not pay attention to them. She is just using the Scots to enrich herself.

Now we know what her finance minister is up to. Sending 200 text messages to a 16 years old boy, independent Scotland finance minister. 
Owner: Kirsty
Created on: 8 Nov 2019, 13:20
Last updated on: 6 Feb 2020, 20:26
Hey. Have you not heard of the land of idiots? She and Ian blackford make Scotland look like land of idiots. Blame the people that vote for them.
Owner: Mariane
Created on: 3 Apr 2019, 17:32
Last updated on: 3 Apr 2019, 17:32
The Scottish first minister must be stupid and fake for her second referendum stunt.  She should call for her own election first because is not every Scottish that vote for her and if she win, then the Scots will vote again until she lost.
Owner: Max
Created on: 16 Jan 2019, 18:20
Last updated on: 16 Jan 2019, 18:21

She want guarantee for EU citizens that lives in the UK, Any politicians who want guarantee for UE citizens can only be describe as stupid and fake.

1, Because they don't care about British citizens that lives in other EU countries

2, EU leaders refused to discourse EU citizens right until article 50 is trigger.

3, They should present to the British people a written guarantee from other EU countries the rights of British citizens. 

Owner: Becky
Created on: 18 Mar 2017, 16:29
Last updated on: 18 Mar 2017, 16:29
The Scottish people must ask her this simple question. How much will be Scotland contributions to EU black hole. The Scottish contribution will be more than the tiny subsidies given to Scottish farmers. 
Owner: Wallace
Created on: 28 Jun 2016, 17:43
Last updated on: 15 Jan 2019, 21:48

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