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EU Russia summit

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EU Russia summit, What a timid approach. The German government is behind the summit because they want more oil pipe line from Mrs Putin's government, The German government help to finances Putin's government and is a disgrace.

Any EU Russia summit is a slap on the Ukrainian people, Germany should be a shame and they should be throw out of NATO. NATO is a failed organization because EU has not energy security, The rely on Putin's government for energy especially Germany.

The German's government and the EU finances Putin's terrorism around the world. All the killing of innocent Syria children is paid for by the German government through oil and gas.
Author: Becky
Created on: 25 Jun 2021, 12:59
Last updated on: 27 Jun 2021, 07:03
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Comments and more

The US government needs to look into the relationship between Germany and Russia.  Is just plain stupid to call Germany a NATO member.

The German government rely on Russia for energy too much and they have been blocking or pushing back on sanctions against Russia. 

The billions of euros paid to putin's government every week has been used to destabilised Ukraine, Syria, libya, central Africa. The German government is helping putin's government to kills innocent children in Syria and libya. 
Owner: Drew
Created on: 25 Jun 2021, 13:27
Last updated on: 25 Jun 2021, 13:33

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