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Labour anti-Semitism row.

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The main stream media like bbc and sky news are hiding behind anti-Semitism row. But in reality they are after Mr Jeremy Corbyn and they prepare to do what ever it takes to remove him. 

Because they don't want any one to criticise Israel or call israel apartheid state. MPs are banned from criticising Israel brutality against the palestinians, the only country British elected MPs are not allow to criticise. 

British people feel free to criticise any one or countries that committed human rights abuse but not Israel or Israeli because bbc and sky news will labels you anti-Semitics.
Author: Amy
Created on: 7 Mar 2019, 17:46
Last updated on: 7 Mar 2019, 17:59
5843 view(s), 1384824 impression(s)

Comments and more

I think is time for the labour party to replace Jeremy corbyn with a war criminal like Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the ant-semitism within the party.
The British people are fed up of personal attack on Jeremy corbyn. If u don't like the man himself, say it or form your party and make Benjamin Netanyahu your leader. Enough is enough. 
Owner: Margarita
Created on: 8 Apr 2019, 17:49
Last updated on: 10 Apr 2019, 06:11
Haha  any MP that criticise Israel is force to apologise or amend their criticising of Israel. Any one who criticises benjamin Natanyahu government criticised jews and is label by the main steam media as anti-Semitic.

US congress woman Omar is the latest elected official to be label anti-Semitic for criticising Israel. 
Owner: Wallace
Created on: 7 Mar 2019, 19:42
Last updated on: 7 Mar 2019, 21:32

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