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UK Nottingham WPL

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The British people have been sleeping walking again while Nottingham council is introducing a tax that will not only destroy jobs but rob Nottingham car owners hundreds of pounds every year for driving to work.

First, the high streets with parking tickets which they will never admits that have killed off our high streets. Because peoples stopped using the high streets they have to looks for alternative "Workplace parking levy " which employers can pass to workers. £400 a year for work parking space and this will increase with inflation just like council tax.

Companies that are passing the levy to their employees should be ashame because  £400 is 5 years salary increase for thousands workers in Nottingham. Some works in Nottingham only received  £15 a month salary increase this year.
Author: Larry
Created on: 19 Jan 2019, 09:27
Last updated on: 24 Jan 2019, 23:32
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