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Facebook scans messages

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Facebook scan and save every message including images  before they are forward to the recipients. If you don't known before, Now you known.

Every messages, images, videos you send through Facebook messenger to your friends, girl friends, brothers and sisters you name it, they are all scans and save by Facebook. This mean they read every messages you send before the recipient of your messages.

Now ask yourself one simple question, Do I really need Facebook?
Author: Jaz
Created on: 4 Apr 2018, 18:33
Last updated on: 4 Apr 2018, 20:42
787 view(s), 1036293 impression(s)

Comments and more

Am not suprise, Facebook is all about users data, What they extrat from your pc and your phone., Once you login, You grant Facebook permission to every thing in your pc or phone. Jaz, am here because no third party data sharing or login details
Owner: Drew
Created on: 4 Apr 2018, 18:42
Last updated on: 4 Apr 2018, 18:43

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