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Tony Blair on EU

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Is this the real news or fake news?

The mainstream media like BBC and Sky news should be a shame. They are now helping Tony Blair to launch a new campaign to keep United kingdom in the EU. If this is not fake news so what is fake news.

The British people knows who Tony Blair is, A liar, A prime minister who deceived elected UK parliament and take the country to war which lead to the death of our 300+ beloved soldiers.

Millions of British people like me changes channel when ever Tony Blair is on TV, Not only because he is a liar, The UK parliament also failed to table any motion.

The real news should be why parliament failed to charge him for deceiving the British people.The truth about Tony Blair campaign to keep UK within the EU is he hope to become the EU president in the near future But the British people we never allow Tony Blair because they are not stupid as the mainstream media may think.

Author: Clifford
Created on: 17 Feb 2017, 18:06
Last updated on: 27 Jun 2017, 18:23
37006 view(s), 12033015 impression(s)

Comments and more

The fake journalists at the conference decided to clapped their hands instead of asking him real question like if is true he want to become EU president.

The US voters elected Mr Trump because of politician like Tony Blair who sees himself as hero while others sees him as arrogant and a liar. 
Owner: Ollie
Created on: 17 Feb 2017, 23:36
Last updated on: 17 Feb 2017, 23:37

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