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Mmtune messenger features and news page : Use our contact form to report any messenger errors.

Mmtune messenger is an Android and  iOS app for mmtune.com users.It allows users to connect with friends, families and share photos and videos in real time while on the move. users can chat with each other any where any time around the world.

One on one chat ( in any language of your choice ) with photos and videos, Group chat with photos and videos, video calling, voice calls. any where any time or join one of mmtune's permanent chatrooms. access your profile, messages, notifications, blog post, public media, add a topic to forums through messenger. Download mmtune messenger from App store or Google play and login with your email address and password.


Messenger network access and connection. For a smooth connection and videos upload the messenger need a full network access to deliver your pictures and videos.

Messenger security concern. Mmtune messenger does not collect mobile data or synchronize users address or contact book.To add a friend to your friends list, Use the find a friend or invite friend links.

Experience chat like you have never before. This beautiful designed app come with links to website and notifications so user never missed a text or messages.Send a message to offline friends.The app display the following notifications.New message and numbers, Blogs, Topics, Groups, Album, New media and Articles.

App features:

[1] One on one chat with photos or videos
[2] Chatrooms and Groups chat with photos or videos
[3] Take photo and share it with your friends
[4] Take video and share it with friends
[5] Choose existing photos or videos to share
[6] Clear conversation between you and friends
[7] Report a user or a conversation to site moderators
[8] View user or a friend profile
[10] Block and unblock users or friends, Take control of your chat and block rude friends

[11] Push notification,Push notification allow mmtune messenger users to receive notification on their mobile phone,Whether mmtune messenger is running in the background or inactive.Notification will display a message and with a distinctive sound.
[12] SMS invite, invite your friends through text message
[13] Set status message, Introduce yourself
[14] Audio or voice calling, mmtune's users can now seat back and talk as long as they want, all you need is internet connection and friends or a love one with mmtune messenger.

[15] Message broadcast. Message broadcast allow users to send a text or emoji to selected friends. update selected or all friends at once with the latest news.

Friends lists allow users to see who is online and offline, Control message notifications.


Take a look at messenger dropdown, snap and share in real time. take a photo or video and share with friends.


Join a room or create one for yourself and friends, There are 3 type of chatrooms, public chatrooms, invitation only room and password protected room.


The voice call allow users to call friends or family members any where any time. Voice call uses your phone internet connection not your mobile network data.


This beautiful designed app come with links to website and notifications so user never missed a text. messenger keep you up to date with message and notifications, when your friends add new photos, write an articles or a blog.

Technical and performance related issues :

Tip' Clear the messenger cashes.

It's free for every one to join, mmtune.com incorporate all social network features users needs to communicates with families,friends and businesses at all level. groups,blog posts,public media,private media,albums,geo-locations,tag lists,business page,articles,topics,users search,notifications,screen sharing,whiteboard and a messenger.

Mmtune's messenger allow users to chat with friends while on the move,voice calls,One on one chat with colour emojis,video calls,share photos and videos,group chat with photos and videos. Do more than just a quick chat with friends online.With more than 3,000 characters allow,users can write a full story without words restriction or filter. Download mmtune messenger and experience chat like you have never before in real-time.Share your life magical moments with your friends.

Download mmtune messenger and experience chat like you have never before in real-time.one on one chat with pictures or video,audio calling,video calling.Share your life magical moment with your friends.Mmtune messenger iOS version from app store or Mmtune messenger android version from Google play

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